XX Halthus the Flayer (DECEASED)

High Priest of the Sons of the Pale Horseman (self appointed)


Halthus was a low ranking acolyte of the Son’s of the Pale Horseman and assistant torturer.

During the Mitran assult on the Horn of Abbadon he recovered the Withering Eye before being turned to stone by a Mitran Wizard.

80 years later he is restored by The Nessian Knot. Upon learning he is the last surviving member of the Death Cult of Vetra-Kali he has named himself High Priest of Vetra-Kali and vowed to restore the Sons to their former glory.

The Asmodeans shall aid him.

Emma: “Until we have to sacrifice him…”

Slain by the Nessian Knot after fleeing battle with Hexor and Vexor in the Horn of Abaddon.

Reincarnated by . Emma Reld . as an elf, his part in the upcoming ritual is unknown to him.

Slain (again) by the Nessian Knot to start the ritual to summon Vetra-Kali Eats-the-Eyes.

XX Halthus the Flayer (DECEASED)

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